Two layers long-sleeve shirt DualThermal

Fabric: 100% polyester
Fabric II: 100% cotton
Clothing color: Black
GSM: 210g / m2
Available sizes: S-3XL

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For the production of BoSafety DualThermal thermal underwear a special technology of using double-sided material is applied: the inner layer is made of polyester, and the outer layer is made of cotton. The use of these two materials gives the product exceptional thermoregulatory properties: when a person moves, the polyester layer absorbs and releases the moisture, while the cotton, due to its heat-insulating properties, warms up the body. Thanks to these features, a person does not get wet and thermal underwear makes you feel comfortable. BoSafety DualThermal thermal underwear does not restrict movement, so it is perfect for: fishing, leisure, hunting or work.