Trousers MASHUP PLUS (Gray/Black)

Made in: European Union
Fabric: 65% polyester / 35% cotton
II Fabric: 90% polyester / 10% elastane
III Fabric: 100% CORDURA®
Clothing color: Gray / Black
G.: 270g / m2

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Extremely comfortable, stylish and durable MASHUP PLUS work trousers grant freedom of movement and comfort.

The trousers are made of breathable Canvas weave fabric ensuring free air circulation and, thus, the highest level of comfort. Large holster pockets allow for a lot of space necessary to keep all your key tools on you. Stretchy inseam gussets do not restrict movement and allow bending and flexing as you need. Cordura-reinforced knee pads and hems prolong the lifespan of the trousers and are most functional for works requiring kneeling positions. The trousers can be adjusted for any height due to the double fold hem which has been specifically designed for trouser length adjustment.