TinyDragon A-TOP Work Boots S3 WR SRC

Protection class: S3
Protective nose: Plastic
Sole protection: Composite
Upper: Nabucco leather
Standard: EN ISO 20345: 2011, P, SRC, WR, WRU, E, FO
Available Size: 39-48

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Step into durability and innovation with TinyDragon, sturdy, durable, and modern-looking boots featuring an integrated SAFETY-TEX waterproof and moisture-evaporating membrane. These boots are designed for durability and ideal for works under moist conditions. With extra toe cap protection and a reinforced heel and counter lining, TinyDragon extends the lifespan of the boots and protects the foot’s most vulnerable parts.

  • Upper Construction: Natural, impregnated nabucco leather strategically placed in vulnerable areas with textile light-reflecting inserts for enhanced moisture evaporation, safety, and visibility during dark hours.
  • Inner Lining: Safety-Tex® – waterproof and moisture-wicking membrane with a 3D structural lining system.
  • Insole: BoSafety MaxAir insole and fabric, antistatic, anatomical, and breathable.
  • Sole: Double-molded, modern OUTDOOR-Trecking polyurethane sole, ensuring superior traction.
  • Safety Features: Composite toe protection, textile multilayer, extra-dense, puncture-resistant sole insert.
  • Additional Benefits: Extra flooded shoe toe, waterproof footwear (WR), shoe without metal parts, suitable for areas with metal detectors.
  • Safety-Tex® Membrane: Boasting over 1,000 million micropores, the membrane’s pores are 20,000 times smaller than a water drop, preventing water penetration. Simultaneously, the pores are about 700 times larger than vapor molecules, facilitating easy moisture removal.
  • PU Coating: Polyurethane (PU) additionally covers the shoe toe, reinforcing waterproof properties.

TinyDragon ensures you walk with confidence and comfort in challenging work environments, combining style, durability, and cutting-edge technology for your safety and satisfaction.