High-visibility 3-in-1 jacket

Fabric: 100% polyester + PU membrane
II Fabric: sintepon 100% polyester
III Fabric: fleece 100% polyester
EN ISO: 13688 / 20471
EN: 342
EN: 343
Clothing color: Hi-Vis Yellow/Black
G.: 175g / m2

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Experience versatility, visibility, and unparalleled comfort with our High-Visibility 3-in-1 Jacket. Crafted with precision, this jacket combines a range of features including a PU membrane, Sintepon lining, and fleece layer to offer a dynamic solution for various working conditions.

  • Primary Fabric: Constructed from top-tier 100% Polyester with a PU membrane, the jacket delivers exceptional durability and weather resistance. The PU membrane acts as a robust shield, providing protection in diverse weather conditions.
  • Secondary Fabric (II Fabric): The Sintepon 100% Polyester lining ensures optimal insulation, offering superior warmth and comfort. Perfect for extended wear during demanding tasks and in colder temperatures.
  • Tertiary Fabric (III Fabric): The Fleece 100% Polyester lining adds an extra layer of comfort and warmth, making this jacket versatile for a range of outdoor activities and everyday wear.
  • Compliance: The jacket adheres to both EN ISO 13688 and EN ISO 20471 standards, meeting essential requirements for general workwear and high-visibility clothing. It also complies with EN 342 and EN 343 standards for protection against cold and rain, ensuring comprehensive safety.
  • Color: The Hi-Vis Yellow/Black color combination enhances visibility, ensuring you stand out in low-light conditions. The sleek Black adds a touch of modern style to your safety attire.
  • Weight: Weighing a comfortable 175g/m2, this jacket strikes the perfect balance between insulation and flexibility, allowing you to stay warm without compromising ease of movement.

This 3-in-1 jacket provides adaptability for changing weather conditions. Wear it as a complete ensemble for maximum warmth or detach the inner layers for a lighter option. It’s the perfect companion for a variety of environments and tasks.

Equip yourself with the High-Visibility 3-in-1 Jacket, where versatility meets safety and comfort. Whether you’re working in low-light conditions, facing cold weather, or navigating demanding tasks, this jacket ensures you do so with confidence, warmth, and visibility.