Half mask silicone set A1B1E1K1 (7577) PolyGARD

Brand: PolyGARD


Half face mask set with filters to protect against organic, inorganic, acidic vapors and gaseous ammonia and organic ammonia compounds in the air.

PolyGARD Kit 7500P – The kit is well packaged. This kit is unique in that the shelf life starts from the moment of unpacking, as the PolyGARD 703 ABEK1 filters are vacuumed. The kit includes a longer-lasting, lightly dust-proof, moisture-resistant 7N11 pre-filter. The 3M5922 prefilter is also suitable for this silicone half face mask. S, M, L sizes, so you can choose the right size.

PolyGARD silicone 7500 the reusable side face mask provides long-term respiratory protection. The soft silicone material is comfortable and durable. The dual filter design facilitates breathing by distributing the flow of inhaled and exhaled air on both sides so that the wearer feels as little shortness of air as possible. The half mask comes with a filter mounting system that allows you to attach a variety of double lightweight filters to protect against gas, vapors or particles. The valve facilitates breathing and reduces the accumulation of moisture and heat. With almost no difficulty breathing, the temperature inside the mask is lower and you will feel more comfortable. Meets the requirements of standard EN140: 1998 .

PolyGARD 703 ABEK1filters are used for protection against vapors and gases of organic, inorganic, acidic substances, ammonia and organic ammonia compounds. Filters are oval in a solid housing, which ensures longer service life. Meets the requirements of EN 14387: 2004 + A1: 2008.

The filters are attached with a Bayonet connector.