4-way stretch OLYMPIC breeches (Dark Grey/Black)

Fabric: 100% polyester
Clothing color: Dark Grey / Black
G.: 180g / m2
Available sizes: 44-62

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These breeches are distinguished by the „4-Way Stretch“ fabric to ensure unrestricted movement, and an exclusive CYCLE-LOGIC® finishing. The CYCLE-LOGIC® finishing makes the trousers exclusive as they perfectly absorb sweat, the finishing pushes the sweat to the outer fabric of the pants and accelerates eva- poration of the sweat absorbed. It also improves cleaning of pollutants from the fabric. The CYCLE-LOGIC® finishing is made using only recycled plastic bottles (PET) that pollute our environment. The OLYMPIC cargo pants feature two welt pockets in the front and two on the sides including a special pocket for a mobile phone. The side pockets are closed with zippers. The waist of these OLYMPIC breeces are adjustable with an elastic band. OLYMPIC workwear trousers are perfect for both indoor and outdoor chores.